Soul Searching

Robyn Spears

The heat is FINALLY subsiding in Texas and with the cool breeze comes thoughts of cozy blankets and fireside naps.... oh wait I live in Texas and it never gets cold enough! Let's just say that even though all four seasons is just wishful thinking in my neck of the woods changing seasons can bring so much more than weather. I know my mom's post last month had to do with the bittersweet changes going on in our lives and I thought I'd take it one step further. Lately I have had a feeling of complacency and boredom in my daily life. These new feelings have allowed me to look deeper and find the root of the issue. Through some self reflection and a few tears I have come to the realization that I am not living life to its full potential. If this year has taught me anything, it is to not take life for granted. Between both of my parents having some medical issues and the realizations that we don't live forever I have decided to find what truly sets my world on fire and chase it. One of these things is junk and antiques. The thrill of the find and uncovering amazing stories that may never had been shared keeps me going. After spending a week in the best place ever... Round Top, TX I feel ready to take on these next few months and plan for our next adventure. Round Top is something that truly cannot be described, until you live it, and even then there is still unknown at every stop. Texas A&M has a saying,"There's a spirit can ne'er be told" and I think it perfectly describes Round Top too. So as the leaves change or the AC is finally able to be shut off, make sure you find what makes you happy and chase it! 

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